Digital Discovery Course

Learn in-demand digital skills

Develop a skills first mindset and become a more digital native. Digital discovery course makes you a better professional in collaborating with co-workers on digital topics and strengthens your career.

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Learn skills, discover and stay ahead of the game

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Learn major digital trends

Gain knowledge about technologies of Artificial Intelligence (eg. ChatGTP), Machine Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Internet of Things & Big Data among others and be able to distinguish the key characteristics. You also will be able to determine context and opportunities of this technology for your organization.

Develop data skills website

Develop digital skills

Get started with tooling and discover possibilities. Beginner level is perfect to experience the development of skills rather than just knowledge. Take advantage of a simple no-code machine learning platform and web scraping tooling among others. You even build your own Google voice bot!

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Empower your career

By practicing with tooling and placing it in the right context you develop a ‘skills first mindset’. This makes you better at your job and helps you to collaborate with subject matter experts. Invest in yourself and become a more digitally savvy professional.

Here’s what you will learn and discover

> Introduction of the 4th revolution
> Mindset of a digital native
> Hype cycle of Gartner
> Technology and opportunities

> Web scraping skills
> 360◦ Customer Insights
> Data preparation, data science and analytics
> Data visualization and dashboards

> UX design and Customer Journeys
> Deep dive conversational bots
> Build your own voice bot

> Best prototype strategy in your organisation
> Design sprint methodology

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When is this course interesting for you?

👉  I have a non-IT or non-technical background and preferably represent the business
👉  I am enthusiastic and want to become a more digital native professional
👉  So I want to learn new digital skills and elevate my career

Digital Discovery Course

This course offers you:

I want to follow Digital Discovery Course and participate as:

Frequently asked questions

This course is designed for every professional who wants to develop their digital skills on a foundation level and have no or basic experience with using digital technology and tooling in projects or daily work.

Participants have all kind of roles and usually collaborate with colleagues in multi-discipline projects

The course will be planned and starts if at least 8 persons have enrolled, up to the maximum of 16 persons. Also ideal for teams.

Currently we offer this course in Dutch. On request it is possible to give this course in English for an incompany training at a location in the Netherlands.

Currently this course is designed for live class. Also ideal for incompany training of teams.

You will have a better understanding of the latest digital technology. You learn in-demand basic skills to put in practice and will become more digital native. This contributes to better collaboration with experts and achieving faster results of your projects or goals. 

Yes, you will receive a certification for the Digital Discovery Course. Successful completion of this course will also contribute to the program to become a Certified Digital Skilled Professional CDSP®. The online courses for this program are in progress and not yet launched. Digital Discovery Course contains content of the online course: Introduction of the 4th revolution which you can follow for free after following Digital Discovery Course when available after. After completion of our 10 online learning courses, you become a Certified Digital Skilled Professional CDSP®.

Other questions?
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