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  1. These terms and conditions apply to all services rendered by Digital Skilled Professionals and partners for businesses and consumers.
  2. By accepting our proposals and/or booking any of our courses online, and checking the accept box, you accept these terms and conditions. You can find the terms and conditions on our website.
  3. We may update these terms and conditions from time to time. Please check our website for the latest version of the terms that apply.


  1. All quotations made by Digital Skilled Professionals on website, email, proposals or other forms, are without obligation; they are valid for 30 days, unless otherwise indicated;
  2. Digital Skilled Professionals is bound by these offers if the acceptance thereof is confirmed in writing by the Client within 30 days;
  3. All prices in the quotes mentioned are exclusive of VAT, unless stated otherwise.

Implementation of the agreement

  1. The agreement is formed by these general terms and conditions together with the Order Confirmation and is concluded at the moment that the Order Confirmation signed by Digital Skilled Professionals and the Client is returned by Digital Skilled Professionals.
  2. Digital Skilled Professionals will execute the agreement to the best of its knowledge and ability, in accordance with the requirements of good workmanship and on the basis of the state of the art known at that time;
  3. The Client ensures that all information that Digital Skilled Professionals indicates is necessary for the execution of the agreement is provided to Digital Skilled Professionals on time;
  4. If and so far as required for the proper execution of the agreement, Digital Skilled Professionals has the right to have certain work performed by third parties;
  5. If calculations are included in the advice, they must be interpreted as supporting the advice. No rights can be derived from these calculations or are regarded as a yield or yield obligation;
  6. Digital Skilled Professionals has a best efforts obligation and has no obligation to achieve a result expressed in return or revenue.


  1. All prices mentioned on our website are exclusive of VAT, unless determined otherwise.
  2. Payment of the course fee is due upon registration, unless it was agreed otherwise with Digital Skilled Professionals.

Conditions for participant courses apply when participating in a (online) Training, Coaching and Consultancy (co) organized by Digital Skilled Professionals (dsp) and partners.



The terms used in these Conditions for Participant Training have the following meaning, unless other written agreements have been made about this. Singular terms also include the plural and vice versa to the extent required by the text.

  1. Conditions for participation in training: these Conditions for participation in training apply to participation in a Training of Digital Skilled Professionals.
  2. Participant (also read: student): any natural person who has registered as a Participant for the Training by means of a Registration Form and with whom the Organizers have concluded a Participation Agreement.
  3. Participation Agreement: agreement between the Participant and the Organizers on the basis of which the Participant is entitled to participate in the Training as such.
  4. Digital Skilled Professionals: Digital Skilled Professionals, with offices in Utrecht, Europalaan 400, 3526 KS registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 69971846.
  5. Training: the training (partly) organized by Digital Skilled Professionals, whose name, date and location are stated on the participation agreement.
  6. Enroller: any natural person who has registered as a participant in the Training by means of a Registration Form, regardless of whether this registration has been accepted by the Organizers.
  7. Registration Fee: the amount that the Enroller owes to the Organizers for his registration for the Training.
  8. Location: the location of the Training designated by the Organizers. This concerns both the physical locations and the digital environment link in which the Participant can participate in the Training online.
  9. Organizers: Digital Skilled Professionals, whether or not in collaboration with one or more natural or legal persons.
  10. Registration form: form through which a potential participant registers as a Participant of the Training.
  11. Admission ticket: the personal admission ticket issued by the Organizers to the Participant that provides the Participant access to the Training.


A person who wants to participate in the Training must register for the Training. Registration for participation in the Training must be done by means of the Registration Form. This Registration Form must be fully completed and signed by the recipient.

  1. By completing the Registration Form, the Participant undertakes to pay the Registration Fee. The Participant’s Admission Ticket will only be activated by the Organizers after receipt of the Registration Fee. The registration fee must be paid before the start of the course.
  2. Conditional registrations are not possible, unless the Organizers give express written permission for this.
  3. The Tenderer guarantees the Organizers the correctness of the information provided on the Registration Form and the authority of the (representative of) Participant to enter into the Participation Agreement. Any incorrect data or unauthorized entering into the Participation Agreement are at the expense and risk of the Tenderer.
  4. The Organizers will record the data they have obtained from Tenderers in an administration maintained for that purpose. By registering, the Tenderer gives permission for the use and storage of the data provided by him.
  5. Registrations that cannot be accepted immediately due to lack of space can be placed on a waiting list. These registrations will be decided before the start of the Training. Decisions are made in the same way with regard to the allocation of places subsequently vacant as a result of cancellation.
  6. If the registration is rejected by the Organizers, any (advance) payments, including the Registration Fee, will be refunded.
  7. The Applicant who is not yet a member of Digital Skilled Professionals at the time of completing the Registration Form will receive Digital Skilled Professionals magazine free of charge for one year. After one year, this subscription will automatically be converted to a membership of Digital Skilled Professionals, unless the Enroller objects to this.
  8. The Participation Agreement is only concluded upon acceptance of the registration by the Organizers, after which the Applicant becomes a Participant. The acceptance, being the Participation Agreement, will be sent by e-mail to the Participant to the address specified by him on the Registration Form.
  9. If the Tenderer and/or Participant has complaints about the services provided by the Organizers, he must immediately inform the Organizers of this by email, so that they can resolve the complaint if necessary and if possible.


  1. A submitted Registration Form or a Participation Agreement cannot be unilaterally withdrawn or changed by the Enroller or the Participant, regardless of whether it has already been accepted by the Organizers. If the Enroller or the Participant wishes to cancel or change a registration or a Participation Agreement, a request to that effect must be sent to the Organizers by email. The Organizers may grant a request for cancellation or amendment of the Participation Agreement on condition that the Tenderer pays at least the following cancellation fee:

– in case of cancellation from 4 to 2 weeks before the start of the Training: 50% of the Participation Costs; 

– in case of cancellation within 2 weeks before the start of the Training: 100% of the Participation Costs.

NB: Fee or administration costs for the registration system are non-refundable.

If the Participant is unable to participate in the Training, he is allowed to be replaced free of charge by a colleague, provided the Participant contacts the Organizers about this and obtains approval for the replacement from the Organizers.

Access and participation training

  1. The Participant is obliged to carry the Admission Ticket together with a valid proof of identity during the entire Course and to show it to the Organizers or third parties engaged by them on first request.
  2. During his stay at the Location, the Participant must behave in accordance with the applicable standards with regard to public order, good morals and decency. Furthermore, the Participant is obliged to behave in accordance with the house rules applied by the Organizers relating to the relevant Training. In this regard, the Participant is also obliged to follow the directions and instructions given by the officials of the Organizers who are known as such (including but not limited to the security personnel).
  3. The Organizers are entitled, without stating reasons, to refuse a Participant access to the Location or to remove it or have it removed from the Location if a Participant does not behave in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph of this article or if the Organizers otherwise deems necessary to maintain peace and order during the Training. In that case, the Participant is not entitled to reimbursement of the Registration Fee.


  1. Before the start of the training, the Participant will receive a program with the training days or evenings and the location where these take place.
  2. If in certain cases the number of participants is too small in the opinion of Digital Skilled Professionals, Digital Skilled Professionals reserves the right to cancel the training before it starts or to have it take place at a different location.
  3. For reasons of qualitative improvement, Digital Skilled Professionals reserves the right to change the training programs in the meantime.
  4. Digital Skilled Professionals reserves the right to occasionally deviate from the initial lesson days for planning reasons.

Dropped out teacher

  1. In the event of illness and/or absence of a teacher, Digital Skilled Professionals will provide an equivalent replacement if possible.
  2. If replacement proves to be impossible, Digital Skilled Professionals will inform the Participant as soon as possible and come up with alternative training days.
  3. In the event of illness and/or absence of a lecturer, the Participant is not entitled to compensation or other compensation.

Business partners

Digital Skilled Professionals reserves the right to have certain training courses, coaching programs or consultancy provided by an authorized Business Partner.

Risk and Liability

  1. Entering the Location and attending the Training is done by the Participant at his own risk. The Organizers are not liable for any damage, directly or indirectly suffered by the Participant, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the Organizers.
  2. The liability of the Organizers is in any case (but not limited to) excluded for:
  3. damage as a result of changes in all offers, (program) announcements, communications or otherwise provided by the Organizers or by third parties with regard to the Training;
  4. damage as a result of the actions of third parties, including third parties engaged by the Organizers such as suppliers, and the persons engaged by these third parties;
  5. damage as a result of the Participant’s failure to follow instructions given by officials engaged by the Organization and of failure to comply with general standards of public order, safety and decency;
  6. damage as a result of loss, damage or theft of goods belonging to the Participant and brought to the Location;
  7. (consequential) damage as a result of unforeseeable changes in the start and end times of the Training;
  8. damage in any way caused by other Participants of the Training;
  9. direct or indirect damage to anyone or anything whatsoever arising as a direct or indirect consequence of any defect or any quality or circumstance in, in or on any movable or immovable property of which the Organizers are holder, leaseholder, tenant or owner or that is otherwise available to the Organizers;
  10. consequential loss and indirect (business) loss on the part of the Participant.
  11. The Participant is liable for and must take out adequate insurance against all damage of any nature whatsoever, caused by his own actions or negligence, as well as for damage caused in any way by his goods.
  12. The Participant indemnifies the Organizers against all claims that others could assert against the Organizers in connection with his acts or omissions.
  13. The Organizers refrain from any interference with regard to disputes to which they are not parties, including but not limited to disputes between Participants themselves.
  14. Any liability of the Organizers is limited to the amount that is paid out under the relevant liability insurance of the Organizers, on the understanding that in the event of lack of cover the liability of the Organizers is limited to the amount paid by the Participant on the basis of his registration Fee.

Force majeure

The Organizers are never liable for damage suffered by the Participant as a result of force majeure on the part of the Organizers. Force majeure also includes any circumstance that is independent of the will of the Organizers, even if this could already have been foreseen as a possibility at the time of the conclusion of the agreement between the Organizers and the Participant, that the fulfillment of the agreement would be temporary or permanent. and insofar as not already included, war, violence of war, civil war, riots, riots, terror and terrorist threat, action by the police and/or fire brigade, strike, transport difficulties, fire, and other serious disturbances at the Organizers and/or at the Location , weather conditions and for any reason not functioning public transport as well as the circumstance that a Training cannot take place due to the fact that the permits required for the Training have not been granted or have been withdrawn or pursuant to an order given to that effect by the competent authority. should be canceled.

Applicability of conditions for participant training

  1. If and insofar as any provision of the Training Conditions for participants is void or destroyed, the other provisions of these Conditions for training participants will remain in full force and effect. In that case, the Organizers will determine a new provision to replace the void/nullified provision, whereby the purport of the void/nullified provision will be taken into account as much as possible.
  2. The Conditions for training participants can only be deviated from by means of a written document signed by the Organizers.
  3. The Organizers reserve the right to change the Conditions for training participants in the interim. The Conditions for participant training that have come into effect replace all previous Conditions for participant training, unless expressly indicated otherwise by the Organizers.


  1. In all cases in which the Conditions for Visiting Events do not provide for or are deemed unclear, the Organizers will decide.
  2. The Conditions for Visiting Events and all legal relationships that may arise between the Organizers on the one hand and the Visitor and/or Tenderer on the other are exclusively governed by Dutch law.
  3. In the event of disputes arising from the Conditions for Visiting Events or from legal relationships arising therefrom, the parties will first enter into consultation in order to end this dispute amicably. If the parties fail to do so, a dispute as referred to above will be settled exclusively by the competent court in Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Confidentiality and data protection

  1. Your privacy is important to us. Any confidential and/or personal data (such as, email address, company data) you share with us will only be used for the purpose of the course. It will not be shared with third parties (except if necessary for the course or with your prior approval).
  2. Please respect the confidentiality of any information shared in class, whether by the trainers or any of the participants of the course. Digital Skilled Professionals and its trainers will keep confidential any confidential information shared by the participants in class.

Use of third-party services

  1. We may give you access to external accounts (for example Typeform), but we are not responsible for the use of those services and their terms and conditions shall apply to the use of their services.

Intellectual property rights

  1. All intellectual property rights arising from the work of the service assignment remain with Digital Skilled Professionals;
  2. Digital Skilled Professionals reserves the right to use the knowledge gained through the performance of the work for other purposes, insofar as no confidential information is disclosed to third parties;
  3. All documents provided by Digital Skilled Professionals are exclusively intended for the Client and may not be reproduced by the Client or made known to third parties without prior written permission.
  4. As an attendee of the course you (and/or your employer) shall not obtain any right to the course materials. These materials may also not be shared in any way. If any course content would be shared, we may deny you further access to the course and/or the online learning environment. It is strictly forbidden to use any of our content (slides, reading list, exercises) for commercial training/services/workshops.
  5. If you violate any of the above, you will pay us a penalty of €20.000 per violation, plus an additional €1.500 for each day that the violation continues. This penalty shall apply in addition to a claim for damages and may not be mitigated by a court.

Cancellation and no show policy

  1. If you are considered to be a consumer (e.g. not registering for the course as a business or as an employee of a company), you have a statutory term of 14 days to cancel your booking without charge. This term starts from the date of the online booking.
  2. You may change the date of your course without extra charge, if you give us at least four weeks’ notice. Cancellations within four to two weeks of the start date receive a 50% refund. If you cancel a booked course up to two weeks before the course date, we will give no refund.
  3. If you don’t show up (e.g. if you are ill), you will get access to the materials, but we cannot guarantee a seat on a next course. There shall be no refund.
  4. In the unlikely event Digital Skilled Professionals has to cancel the course you booked, we will inform you in due course and you may attend the next course that fits your schedule. In case you do not wish to attend the course on a new date, we will reimburse you the amount paid for the course you booked.
  5. Digital Skilled Professionals will pay any refunds under this clause within 30 days of a refund request.

Applicable law and court

  1. Dutch law is applicable.
  2. Any dispute shall be submitted exclusively to the competent court in Utrecht.

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